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     You never really liked visiting your grandparents' cabin in the mountains. It was dusty, creaky, and always smelled of cheap vanilla air freshener mixed with a stuffy, moldy scent. However, you loved your grandparents, so you agreed to go visit them with your parents.
     Yet, the fact that you loved Grandma's potato soup, and Grandpa's campfire stories wasn't the only reason you came. Up in the mountains, snow continued to fall even in late spring. The area where you lived very rarely got snow, and you enjoyed the beauty of a light blanket of white covering the roof of the cabin and forest ground.
     So there you sat, by the windowsill in the spare bedroom, looking out into a wonderful world of white, the faint sound of a joyful conversation coming from your open door. The snow had just stopped falling, and the sun was peeking out from the clouds, inviting you to come outside. A small smile spread across your face as you drew away from the window and put on your jacket which was draped over the bedpost. You also pulled on a pair of boots before exiting the room.
     "There's the girl who's been hiding away all afternoon!" You heard your grandpa say.
     Your parents and your grandparents sat on the two couches facing each other, happily talking in front of the quiet cracking fire in the fireplace.
     "Come sit with us, (your name). Don't be a loner," Your dad said, patting an empty spot on the couch next to him.
     "Actually, I was thinking of taking a walk outside. The snow stopped," You replied, taking your hat from the coat rack and pulling it over your head.
     "Okay hun, don't let Jack Frost get'cha out there," You grandma said.
     "I won't grandma," You said with a small laugh. Grandma was always one who loved myths and stories.
     You waved good-bye, then stepped outside. It was a pleasant chill, not too cold, but enough to allow you to see your breath. You decided to walk through the woods; the most serene part of the area. Since you'd been coming here since you were a child, you figured you could find your way back. The trees cast a calming shadow as you walked along, humming silently to yourself.
     After a little while, your nose began to become very frozen. You smiled as you remembered Grandma warning you about Jack Frost. Come to think of it, Jack Frost wasn't exactly a well known myth compared to others like Santa and the Easter Bunny. If he was real, maybe you'd feel a bit sorry for him. 
     Just as the thought crossed your mind, you could have sworn you heard a laugh; distant and cheerful. You smiled, glad that others were enjoying the snow too. You sighed as you looked up at the darkening sky, telling you it was time to go home. A scream escaped your mouth as soon as you turned around, and you fell back into the snow in shock. A teenage boy with electric blue eyes was floating upside down, right in front of you! He floated right side up, then came to crouch in the snow beside you. As your eyes widened, his did as well.
    "C-Can you see me!?" He asked.
    "Who are you!?" You asked at the same time.
    He looked equally shocked as you did, his mouth gaping open. You both just stared at each other, not saying any words. His odd white hair rustled softly in the winter breeze. He wore a hoodie that seemed to be laced with intricate frost designs. His legs were covered in a worn brown pair of ragged pants. Yet perhaps the most unusual part of his appearance was the twisted staff he held in his hand.
    "You...You can see me!" He exclaimed after a while. 
    "Well...yeah, why wouldn't I?" You asked. Some of your shock had now disappeared, and you felt more curious than you did scared.
    "I'm Jack Frost. No one's been able to see me in years," He said, excitement very plain on his pale face.
    Jack Frost? How could he be Jack Frost? He was a myth! But then again, he was right there. You had to believe in something you could see.
    "Jack Frost?" You asked in an awed whisper. 
    "Yeah! I'm the guy who gives you all the snow!" He stood up and spun in a circle, his hands gesturing to the world of white around him. He blinked, as if trying to remember something, than suddenly was only a few inches away from your face. "You do believe in me, don't you?"
    "Well, I suppose," You said, your eyes widening again as a warm blush rose in your cold cheeks. 
    He let out a loud laugh, than took your hand in his, lifting you to your feet. 
    "Come with me, I want to show you something!" He said.
    You nodded, doubting you had a choice whether you went or not.
    You figured you would be walking somewhere, but instead you found yourself being swooped up into Jack's arms and flying through the winter air. Your eyes stung as the crisp wind swept past you, causing your hair to swirl around you.  When you finally landed, you found that Jack was standing in a tree.
    "I'm gonna let you down, okay?" You heard him say.
    You nodded your head, and he placed you to sit safely on the branch next to him. He gave you a grin, lifted up his staff, then brought it down on the tree with a thud. Suddenly, a light snow began to fall, and a chilling breeze blew past you. You laughed, and held out a hand, letting little snowflakes fall into it. Jack then sat next to you and looked at you with a bright smile, clearly happy that you were enjoying his work.
    "You're amazing!" You exclaimed.
    " one's ever said that about me. Winter isn't exactly the choice season," Jack replied, leaning against his staff.
    "I wish more people could see you," You said, turning to him. "Maybe they'd appreciate winter more."
    Jack gave a sad smile. "Unfortunately, I don't leave little eggs or presents. There's no reason for people to believe in me."
    "I'm sorry...You must be so lonely...How long has it been this way?" You asked.
    "A lot of years, I can tell you that," He said, no longer smiling.
    "So how long has it been since you've talked to another person?" You asked.
    He sat silent for a moment. "A very very long time."
    You frowned sympathetically at the boy. For someone so old, he looked so young and childish. As you studied his facial features, you felt your cheeks grow warm. You had to admit, he looked very nice for someone who had been alive for so long. 
    "It's okay, Jack," You said. "I believe in you."
    He lifted his head, and his electric blue eyes met yours, sending a shiver through your body. "What if you stop?"
    "I won't stop. You're right here, how could I forget?" 
    "How can I trust you?," He asked sincerely, causing your heart to beat fast in your chest.
    Suddenly an idea arose in your head. You thought for a moment, then slipped a hand around Jack's neck and bringing his icy lips to yours. The sensation of your heat mixed with his frozen state was thrilling. You could tell he'd never done this before, for his body stiffened, but he didn't move away. Slowly, he seemed to melt and he began to move his lips in rhythm with yours. You felt his hand gently grasp your waist as he drew you closer, while the other found itself placed on the side of your cheek. 
    When you finally broke away, Jack looked almost surprised at what you'd done.
    "You kissed me, how can I forget you now?" You asked with a smile.
    "Was I that bad at it?" He laughed.
    "No," You said.
    "Well, I guess I can trust you." He said grinning.
    The sky around you was now dark, and you realized that your parents would be worried about you. "Oh man, I really have to get home."
    Jack stood up on the branch and held his hand out to you. "I'll take you."
    You smiled and took his hand. Once more you were lifted into the air, soaring through the swirling snow. When he landed behind your grandparents' cabin, you wondered how he knew where to go but didn't ask. He was Jack Frost after all. As he set you on your feet, you couldn't help but wish he would never leave. However, you felt as though this fairy tale wasn't over yet.
    "Seems like it's time for me to leave," Jack said with a sad smile.
    "Good-bye, Jack," You said.
    You then embraced, and he planted a soft kiss on your forehead. 
    "Don't forget me, alright?" He whispered.
    "As long as you never forget me," You replied.
    The two of you grinned at each other and parted. Then with a final smile and a wink, Jack was flying off into the winter night.
    You continued to stare off into the sky, folding your arms tight over your chest. For the first time, you realized how cold it was. You turned away after a while, then entered the cabin once more.
    The feeling of walking into the warm cabin was quite a contrast to all the cold you'd been exposed to. Your family now stood in the kitchen, clutching steaming cups of hot cocoa.
    "There you are! Took you a while," Your grandpa said. "Let me get you so cocoa."
    You walked into the kitchen and accepted the hot mug.
    "Did Jack Frost get'cha?" Grandma asked.
    "Oh, he sure did," you said, grinning into your mug.


Felt like writing something today C: Not my best, since I'm running out of creative ideas for Jack FrostxReaders...

I'm thinking of maybe doing some Ouran High School Host Club fanfictions, so let me know what you think about that ;D
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Wolfw1ng13 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 20, 2015  Student Photographer
Th at was adorable!! Love the ending!!!Squee!
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Awww! This is so cute!
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Dat ending.
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That ending though...
nan5444 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That last part when the grandma asked if he got "me",I could here my own grandma speaking to me.I miss her.she lives so far,and even farther now,cause she recently passed away last summer.:_( but I am glad jack is here for me!!:_)
Miss-Inuyasha Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love Jack Frost
DPghostboy14 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
You rock that was such a heart warming-cute story
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KitkatKatelyn Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015
Heart- "warming"
blue-raindrop Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
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Wow thanks! :D
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Heheh, cute and sweet! Thanks for sharing :3
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lololol best ending EVER X3
blue-raindrop Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
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Okay C: Thanks for the feedback, I'll try!
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Will there be more?
blue-raindrop Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
Maybe if I come up with a good idea :)
GloriousAssassin Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If you do write OHSHC fanfics, you have to do one of Kyoya. XD
blue-raindrop Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
I would like to do one on each host if possible :) The twins would probably share a story though :')
khgirl98 Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
O.M.F.G.....i feel that i could die for this!
blue-raindrop Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
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Amazing x
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