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January 25, 2013
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 You awoke Easter morning to find a small blizzard occurring outside your window, the pale white light spilling into your room.

 "The Easter Bunny sure won't be happy with you, Jack Frost," You laugh to yourself.

 You were the type of girl that lived in her own little fictional world consisting of books, movies, and realms you invented in your head. Often you would drift off when someone was talking to you, and you had been labeled "flighty and unfocused" by many around you. You didn't mind though, because reality wasn't exactly your favorite place to be, and you weren't going to change for anyone.

  You yawned and got out of bed, pondering the subject of mythical creatures like the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. You had been told stories about them as a child, but as you got older the people around you mocked you for still believing. As time passed, you didn't believe as passionately, but the thought that there was a slim chance that they could exist kept you going. After all, everyone needed someone to believe in them.

  You swiftly tied you hair up before going downstairs. It was cold and dark except for the white light from the snow outside shining through the windows. Your parents had decided to spend Easter together by escaping the cold and riding away on a cruise ship headed for the Caribbean. You were the youngest child out of the three children in your family, and your siblings had their own families to spend Easter with.

 You were completely alone, and you loved it.

 You turned the thermostat up, then turned all the lights downstairs on before tuning in to your favorite station of the radio and taking your place in the kitchen. You grabbed a pot from the cupboard and filled it with water, placing it on the stove to heat up while you grabbed a carton of eggs from the fridge.

  After dropping one egg, spilling dye on your shirt, and singing along to quite a few songs on the radio, you had a big bowl of eleven brightly colored eggs, and quite a messy kitchen. You placed your hands on your hips and blew a hair out of your face. There sure was a lot to clean up. With spirits still high, you began to clear off bowls of dye and eggshells off your counter. You were about to turn the sink on to rinse the dishes, when the song playing on the radio got quiet, allowing you to hear something unusual.

  Was that...someone talking?

  Your wonderfully active imagination automatically led you to assume that it was a robber. You quietly tiptoed over to the knife wrack and grabbed the biggest one there, then cautiously switched off the radio. Immediately you could clearly hear the sound, which was indeed a male voice talking, it's source coming from somewhere in your living room.

  "Stupid kangaroo. One little snowflake and he..." The voice trailed off, grumbling to itself.

  You swallowed hard, pointing the knife in front of you threateningly, trying to allow the sword fights you'd seen in movies channel into your actions. However, in reality you were just a girl in her pajamas holding a cheap kitchen knife.

  As you crept closer, you got your first glimpse of your opponent who was crouched beneath your living room window, most of them hidden by your couch. However, you could see white spikes of what appeared to be hair above the arm of the couch. You furrowed your brow in confusion as you crept ever closer.

  "Why do kids even like eggs?" The voice asked itself in it's deep tone.

  You lowered the knife slightly, now certain there was an insane man hiding in your house. You stopped, realizing that the only way to see the full view of him would be to allow him to see you as well. You bit your lip and raised the knife again.

  "You! Who are you?" You asked, trying to sound more assertive than serious.

  The voice stopped talking, but the spikes of hair didn't move.

  "Hey!" You shouted "Get out from behind there!"

  Suddenly two hands pale gripped the arm of the couch, and the face of a teenage boy appeared behind them, looking as confused as you were. His skin was as pale as snow, and his lips seemed to have a blue-ish tint. Beneath a mass of silvery white hair, he had bright blue eyes which were currently studying you intently.

  "Can you...hear me?" He asked tilting his head slightly.

  "Y-Yes," you responded, lowering the knife to your side. He seemed more enchanting than threatening.

  "And...And can you see me!?" He asked, as a small smile crossed his face, revealing pearly white teeth.

  "Of course...but I-"

  Your sentence was cut off as he bounded out from behind the couch with a huge laugh of triumph. His sudden change of movement startled you so much that you dropped the knife with a clatter to the floor. He leaped across the room and threw his arms around you to lift you up and twirl you around, laughing all the while. You were simply surprised too by his actions, and also how cold he was, to do anything. He set you back down and placed his hands on your shoulders, grinning very widely as he nearly shook with pleasure for some unknown reason.

  "You...You believe in me!" He shouted. He looked around with excitement, then back at you, locking his electric eyes onto yours while he bit his lower lip.

  "I don't know...I," You stuttered, trying to get caught up. "Who are you?"

  "Don't you know!? I'm Jack! Jack Frost! I make it snow and freeze and...all that outside!" He rambled pointing his finger to the window. "That was ME! You believe in me!"

  Jack Frost? Could it really be him? That would explain a lot...but it was still a ton to process.

  "Wh-Why are you here?" You manage to ask.

  "Well you see," He said, looking pleased that you'd asked. "I was hiding from the Easter Bunny. I know that sound crazy, but then again, everything is crazy right now!"

  So the Easter Bunny really had been angry with Jack Frost.

  "Crazy..." You echoed.

  He raised his eyebrows as if remembering something, then released you to go back to the couch, granting you the chance to examine him further. He wore a faded blue hoodie, which appeared to be laced with frost around the sleeves and the collar. His legs were covered with a pair of brown pants which seemed to have gone through years of damage. He once again rose up from behind the couch, this time holding a long twisted stick resembling a shepherd's crook.

  "Come with me," He said, grabbing your hand and heading for your front door, dragging you behind him.

  "What are you doing!?" You asked in surprise.

  "We're going to have a little fun," He responded, throwing open the door to let in several snowflakes. He held it open with one hand, while he released yours to get into a slight bow. "After you."

  You gawk at him with wide eyes and an open mouth. He expected you to go out there!?

  When he noticed that you weren't going to budge, he rolled his eyes with a little smile and scooped you up into his arms, although you rambled on in protest.

  "Jack! Put me down! What are you doing!?" You shouted as he stepped out onto your porch, the door closing behind him.

 "Trust me," He said, giving you a look that made you go a little weak with a blush.

 Jack laughed and began to walk down the porch stairs. You let your arms slip around his neck so you wouldn't fall. It was incredibly cold, and you were extremely happy that you had fuzzy socks and warm pajamas on. You also felt lucky that the blizzard had died down to a lazy snowfall. Still, the cold was biting, and several snowflakes flew into your eyes, causing you to keep them closed.

 "What's your name?" You heard Jack ask.

 "(Your name)," You tell him.

 "(Your name) your eyes."

 You slowly opened you eyes to be met with Jack's smiling face. There was something in his expression that was... mischievous.

 "Look down," He said, tightening his grip on you.

 You turned your head away from him to find that you were floating several feet above the trees on the ground. You screamed and buried your face into Jack's jacket.

 "Put me down!" You demanded, your voice muffled from the fabric.

 "Not yet," he said, and you felt cold air rushing past your body.

 The two of you flew for quite some time, while you hid your face in his chest the whole time. However, his body was so cold that it wasn't much better than braving the snow. Finally you felt him land.

 "Hey," he said softly. "I want to show you something."

 You forced yourself to pull away, blinking slowly. You found yourself on a large, frozen mass of ice which appeared to be a lake. Snow-covered trees surrounded you, catching the falling snowflakes on their branches. It seemed peaceful and quiet here underneath the pale blank sky.

 "What is this place?" You asked Jack.

 "It's my home," He said.

 Gently he let you slide down to the ground to place your socked feet on the ice. You could feel the snow starting to melt on to your heels and toes, and you shivered.

 "You live here?" You asked, unwrapping your arms from from his neck and embracing yourself to try and keep warm.

 "It was where...where it started. Where I started," He said, scratching the back of his head. "I don't really know why."

 "So you just appeared?" You asked, curious.

 "Yeah...I'm just glad that," He paused, smiling and averting his eyes to the side. "You can see me. I feel like I have a purpose now."

 You felt a blush rise in your cheeks. You had lived your life inside your head, but now you were experiencing a real fairy tale. You gently touched his elbow and slid your hand down to his hand, taking his hand in your own. He met your eyes again, confusion present in his face as his cheeks turned slightly pink.

 "I'm sure you've always had a purpose," You said with a small smile.

 Jack opened his mouth as if to say something, then closed it again. A faint grin crossed his face and he kissed your forehead softly, his lips sending a burst of cold over your skin.

 "Thank you," He whispered.

 You let out a large shiver, and your teeth began to chatter. Your socks were soaking wet by now, and the snow on your clothes had melted, chilling you to the bone.

 "Oh," Jack said, pulling back from you. "You must be freezing...Here, you can have my jacket." He crossed his hands and began to pull his hoodie off from the bottom.

 "N-No that's really okay...I-I" You stuttered.

 "Don't worry, I don't really get cold," He responded, pulling the Jacket over his head.

 You found yourself gawking at his pale body. His muscles seemed perfectly shaped; not to large, but just enough to tell that he was fit and strong. You swallowed hard and forced your eyes to look at his face. He pulled the jacket over your head, and you allowed your arms to cooperate long enough to slip into the hoodie. It didn't help much since it had been on his freezing cold body, but your body's natural heat soon allowed it to heat you up a bit. You were surprised to see the beautiful frost that laced the sleeves and collar begin to melt.

 "I guess I better get you home," Jack said, scooping you up again while your arms took their place around his neck.

 You felt the wind begin to rush past you, snowflakes biting your cheeks. You buried your face once again into his chest, this time being met with cold, bare skin.

 When you felt him touch solid ground, you suddenly felt sad. Did your adventure have to end now?

 "We're here," You heard him say.

 You sighed and slid to the ground, your wet socks squishing beneath you. Jack held you, helping you to get your balance. The two of your stood there for a minute; Your hands around his neck and his own around your waist.

 "Promise me I'll see you again," You said.

 "I promise," He responded with a small smile.

 "How can I believe you?" You teased.

 " about this," He said, trailing off as he leaned towards you.

 It took you a minute to realize what he was doing, but by the time you figured it out his lips were already on yours, moving slowly. You made a small noise of surprise and pleasure as you kissed him back. He seemed to breath the very essence of winter into your mouth, leaving you with a fresh, cold light sting. He broke away sooner than you would have liked, his tongue darting across his bottom lip.

 "O-Okay, now I believe you," You said with a small laugh.

 "Now, (Your name), you promise me something," He said, leaning his forehead on yours.

 "What's that?" You asked.

 "Never stop believing in me," He said.

 A faint grin crossed you face.

 "I promise."
Here's some more fluff for you guys. Not the best, but you get shirtless Jack so...

I haven't had time to read through this and edit it yet, so sorry for any errors :)

Whew! I finally got time to write! However, I have choir regionals tomorrow, so wish me luck on making it in!
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