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January 1, 2013
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  You ran through the falling snow, tears streaming down your face. The moon was the only thing lighting your path, though you didn't even know where you were going anyway. Suddenly your foot struck a rock under the blanket of snow and you plummeted into it's cold embrace face first.
  Never in your life had you needed someone so bad.

  You lay there, your cheeks stinging from the biting cold the snow offered. Not able to take it anymore, you sat up and buried your face in your knees. Eventually you would have to sum up some strength and go home, but that wasn't happening anytime soon.

  Today had been the worst day the fates had ever decided to give to you. That morning you had walked in on another fight between your parents. Again it had been about money problems like it always was. You had tried to brush it off as you walked to school, but for some reason you felt this fight was different then the rest. When you got to school your boyfriend came to tell you he had some news. He had explained how you had been very depressed lately, and he was upset that you weren't letting him in to help. Under the stress of your parents fight, school finals, and keeping up with your boyfriend, you told him it was over and that you didn't need him anymore, you didn't need anyone. He had gone without turning back and you were left there by your locker wishing you could take it all back. When you came back home, you mother announced that your father had left that afternoon, and that they had decided to get a divorce.

  That was when you decided to run. Out into the snow to wallow in your tears. The snowflakes were starting to melt on your clothes and soon you were soaked, freezing, and depressed beyond words. You had no one now.

  "Why did you do this to me?" You shouted to no one in particular. It felt good to scream. "Why did this happen!?"

  Suddenly a cold finger gently tapped your shoulder, causing you to jump in surprise with a yelp. You whirled around to find a familiar face staring at you. You squinted, trying place a name with his face...then it came to you.

  "J-Jack?" You asked under your breath, unable to believe it.

  He nodded and a small grin crossed his concerned expression. "It's me."

  You still found it hard to believe he was crouched in the snow next to you. Could this be the mischievous winter spirit you used to play with as a child? It sure looked like him: Messy white hair, lopsided smile, pale skin. He even had on the same blue hoodie he wore when you first met so many years ago. However, the feature that convinced you it was him was his ice blue eyes that failed to be replicated in any other person you'd ever met.

  "Jack! It is you!" You exclaimed, throwing you arms around him in a hug.

  He laughed and hugged you back "I told you I'd be there for you when you needed me, (your name)."

  When you pulled back away from him, you each took a moment to study each other in the moon light. You had been very young when you last saw him, so you never really noticed how attractive he was. His skin was flawless, his hair perfectly tousled, and his eyes as bright as the moon itself. They seemed to be studying you in your new form as a teenager instead of a child.

  "You've grown up..." He said, tilting his head.

  "Of course I have. It's been come you never came?" You asked.

  "You never really needed me...but I've been there whether you saw me or not," He said. He slowly raised a pale hand and pushed a few strands of wet hair out of your eyes as the snow fell around you. "Now what's wrong?"

  You felt tears threaten to fall from your eyes as you told him of your day. By the time you got to telling him of your parents news about the divorce, the tears were cascading down your cheeks.

  "I'm sorry," Jack whispered, slipping his arms around your waist and pulling you close.

  "'s okay. I'm just glad you came," You admitted.
  He had pulled you on to his lap and was gently rocking you back and forth. You smiled up at him and sniffled while he smiled back softly. A chill ran through you and you realized he was no warmer then the snow you had been laying in. Cold, wet, and tired from crying you let out a sneeze along with a set of shivers.
  "You're going to get sick," Jack observed "We better get you home."

  He held you close then stood up, carrying you wedding style. You had a mini heart attack when he began to rise in to the night sky and you gripped the cloth of his jacket tightly in your hands.

  "Don't you remember flying?" He asked as you rose higher.

  "I-It's been a while," You peeped out, followed by another sneeze.

  You flew through the winter wind, the snowflakes sticking to your hair, face, and clothes as if you weren't soaked enough. Finally you felt him land. You opened your eyes to see he was standing on your porch roof, your window in front of you.

  "Hope you didn't lock it," He said, setting you down.

  As he pushed it open, a smile crossed his face. He glided inside then held out his hand to you, which you took. Once inside, he closed the window again, sealing you both in your dark room. The both of you stood there for a minute, unsure what to do next.

  "Uh...Jack? I need to change," You said, blushing slightly.

  He pulled you in to a hug, resting his chin on the top of your head. "But you're fine the way you are."

  "No. I mean my clothes. I'm soaking wet," You said, pulling slightly away from him.

  "O-Oh...well I'll turn around then," He said, turning his attention to the window.

  You opened your mouth to protest, but you didn't want to have to ask him to leave. You grabbed your clothes from your dresser and began to peel off your wet clothes, glancing back at Jack every once and a while just to make sure he wasn't peeking. Soon you were in new, dry pajamas.

  "I'm done J-" You were cut off my another sneeze.

  "Woa!" Jack exclaimed turning around. "You okay?"

  "Do I look okay to you?" You asked with a sniffle.

  He laughed and lifted you into his arms again "Don't worry. I make a pretty good doctor if I do say so myself."

  Jack placed you on your bed while you continued to shiver. As he pulled back, his hair brushed against your face making you blush again.

  "You're pretty red," He said. Slowly he leaned forward again and kissed your forehead softly, sending chills down your spine. "Feels like you have a fever."

  Sliding your blanket from under your body, he placed it over you gently. "I wish we had something to keep your head cool."

  "You're pretty cold," You said.

  "Hmm, that's an idea," He said. "Here, scoot over."

  Your cheeks flushed again "What?!"

  "Well I'm not going to stand here over you. I'll just lay next to you and keep my hand on your head. Trust me," He said with a smile.

  Still a bit reluctant, you scooted over to make room for him. He jumped on next to you, laughing as the bounce made you squeak out of surprise. Once you were settle again, he gently placed a hand on your forehead. You both lay there, looking at each other, keeping to your thoughts.

  "Wait...Jack. I moved to this house just a few years ago. How did you know to come here?" You asked looking in to his eyes.

  "I told you. I've always been there, whether you saw me or not," He said.

  " were watching me?" You asked.

  "Well, after you turned twelve I left for a while. I figured you didn't believe in me any more. I came back to visit one day and the moving truck was there. I followed it to make sure I knew where you went, so I could keep my promise to you. You were one of the few people who could see me...I couldn't let you go that easily. I've been checking on you since then, just to make sure you're all right," He said.

  "I'm glad you did Jack," You admitted. You suddenly felt his cold hand leave your forehead.

  "I could never leave you," He whispered, lifting your chin with his finger.

  A shot of adrenalin rushed through our body along with a chilling cold shock as his lips met yours. Your heart beat quickened to an unbearable pace, and you felt the kiss down to your very soul. It was so cold, but so warm...and you loved it. You could have lay there forever kissing him, but he broke away, opening his electric eyes one again.

  You didn't say any words, nor did he. Jack resumed his position of keeping your forehead cold, while you closed your puffy eyes. He began to hum a soft little tune that made you want to fall asleep more with every note. Before you finally gave in to your dreams, you felt Jack kiss you nose.

  "I'll never leave you again," He whispered.
Okay so my last two Jack fanfics I wrote were kind of sad so....I wrote a cute fluffy one for you guys :')

Dr.Frost is pretty good at fixing fevers haha
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