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December 16, 2012
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  "(Your name), you found him. You found Jack."
  The white haired boy smiled at your sister and she smiled right back.
  "I don't care who he is, I don't want you near him," You said quickly.
  "But-" She started.
  "It's okay (sister's name), what do you say we show her a little winter fun?" The boy said with a smirk rewarded with several nods and a giggle from your sister. He jumped out of the tree and landed on the ground with surprising ease. In fact, he almost seemed to float down.
  "No, you stay away from us," You said, pointing the stick at him. It wasn't much to defend yourself against the unusual creeper, but it would have to do.
  However, you were no fighting master, and he swiftly took your wrists in both hands with no problem. Cold seemed to emit from his very skin and it traveled up your arm, causing you to stop squirming.
  "L-Let go of me!" You said through your now chattering teeth. Why were his hands so cold?
  "Oh, but we haven't even started to have fun yet!" He said with a laugh. Your sister let out a little giggle as well.
  "I don't want your kind of fun, you sick-" Your insult was abruptly cut off as you felt yourself lifted quickly up off the ground. Your eyes opened wide and trailed down from the boy's amused expression. You saw your shoes, but the snow was several feet below you. You snapped your head back up, absolutely frightened by whatever was going on. The boy simply smiled back, and you knew that he was the cause of it. Finally a scream crept it's way up and out of your dry throat.
  "(Your name)! It's okay! He won't hurt you!" Came the call of your little sister from below you.
  "Yeah, I won't hurt you," Said the boy "We're just going to have a bit of fun!"
  The next thing you knew you were dropped from the height, another terrified scream escaping your mouth. The snow got closer and closer to your face and you though for sure you'd die or at least break a leg. Your fall was suddenly interrupted by a pair of arms lifting you back up into the air again. Of course they belonged to the so-called "Jack Frost". You squeezed your eyes shut, and braced yourself in case he dropped you again.
  "See? You're fine," You heard his voice say.
  "I w-would be more fine if you p-put me on the ground," You defended, your eyes still shut.
  "If you say so," He said.
  You felt yourself descending through the icy air, held tight by his arms. Finally he allowed you to put your feet on solid ground, although they had to go through a few feet of snow to find it. You opened your eyes again to find those same ice blue ones staring right back. You didn't have the anger right now to send him a glare, so you just stumbled over to your sister who was standing behind you.
  "Wasn't that fun!?" She asked in excitement as you put an arm around her. "But, when Jack flew with me, he didn't drop me."
  Of course, this brought a laugh from the boy, giving you back the anger needed for you to snap "Stay away from my sister. And me." You turned back around, one arm leading your sister in the direction of your home.
  Suddenly he dropped from the air to be in front of you again. He extended a hand and placed it on the side of your face. This caused you to shiver again, destroying your attempt to smack his hand away.
  "I don't know if I could leave you alone," he said with a smile. He held his palm there for a minute while you stuttered uselessly for a response. However, as quickly as it started, it ended. "After all, this little girl here has the best snowball fights in town," He said, removing his hand and drawing a smile out of (sister's name). "I guess I better be going" With another grin, he rose up from the snow and was gone.
  "I really hope," You said after the silence sank in "That this whole thing was a dream."
  (Sister's name) just giggled.
  "Let's go home," You said. There in the cold of that day, you vowed to never go outside again until spring.
  It had been about three days since your encounter with Jack Frost. Within that time you decided a few things; He was surely real, and he was not a creeper. It took you a while to let the truth sink in, but you never did wake up from that dream you thought it had been and your sister continued to talk about him. He had to be real; You'd seen him, felt him, even flew with him! How could he not be real? It also took you a while to let the feeling go that he was a creeper. He hadn't actually kidnapped your sister, or even mess with her, and she seemed to know him very well when she saw him in that tree.
  But that didn't mean you wanted him around. Not after being dropped from several feet above the ground. However, you knew you couldn't just leave it at that. You'd met a boy who could fly and change the weather, and something inside you wouldn't settle. It was something in those pale eyes of his. You knew you had to see him again, just to confirm all these thoughts that had been going through your head all day. Just to confirm you weren't crazy.
  When night fell, you slipped outside of your window. Your parents had left for a work Christmas Party, and (Sister's name) was asleep in her room. Your window was on the second story of your house, and it opened up to the porch roof. You sometimes sat on the roof just to get away from things, or to watch the firework display on the fourth of July. Tonight however, you were on a different mission.
  "Jack!" You called after finding a spot on the roof to sit where the snow had not fell. "Jack Frost!"
  You waited for a while, shivering in the cold of the night. The only sound was the soft wind in the trees and your breath. You were about to go back inside when you saw a familiar stick resembling a Shepard's crook fall into the snow in front of you followed by Jack himself who landed gracefully on his feet. He wore a smile on his face, but you refused to present him with one of your own.
  "Curious?" He asked, sliding down to sit by you. You scooted a tiny bit away from him just to be safe.
  "Yes, actually," You said "But don't try anything funny."
  "What, like drop you through the air?" He said with a laugh "I would never do such a thing."
  You sent him another glare and sighed. "Yes. Like that. None of that."
  "So...what did you want then?" He asked, placing his stick between the two of you.
  "I just wanted to make sure you were real. That I wasn't..." You trailed off. His eyes seemed to freeze you every time you saw them.
  "Don't worry," He said "I'm real (Your name)"
  "How do you know my name?" You asked.
  "Your sister told me all about you yesterday. Your favorite color, animal, everything," He said, leaning closer to you. Again, you made the choice to scoot away from him.
  "What do you care?" You asked, trying not to freeze up from his stare.
  "I think I care a lot more then you think I do (Your name)," He said, leaning closer again. This time, you didn't scoot away. You were simply numb, only you were warm inside. Probably another one of his tricks.
  "What are you doing?" You asked.
  "Nothing," He said "But I'm about to."
  "What do you-?" Your question was cut off by his lips on yours. You had expected him to throw a snowball at you, or drop you again, but not this. You found yourself completely frozen, unable to break away from him. Whether you liked it or not, you couldn't tell, all you could do now was experience it. The best way you could describe it would be chewing minty gum and then taking a drink of ice cold water. It was absolutely chilling, but you continued to grow warmer inside. Finally, he broke away from you, his eyes still closed as if he was trying to hold onto it.
  "My sister didn't tell you If I was a good kisser or not did she?" You managed to say just to get rid of the odd feelings inside of you.
  Jack simply laughed. "No. I had to figure out that one for myself."
  Suddenly your cell phone rang in your pocket. You looked up at Jack who's smile had faded before opening it up.
  "Hello? Oh Hi mom. No, just...Studying," You said answering her questions. You were looking over to the right, away from Jack, to hide your blush. She said her and your father were on their way home, and to do the dishes. When you finally closed your phone and turned to face Jack again, he was gone. You wanted to feel happy that you'd finally confirmed that you weren't crazy, but you couldn't help but wish he was still there. Why he kissed you, you didn't know. All you knew was that he shouldn't have done it and that the right thing would have been to slap him across the face. But...something inside of you was stirring, and you finally came to the realization that for whatever reason, you had enjoyed the kiss.
  As you crawled back in your window and slipped into bed, you found yourself replaying the kiss over and over again in your head. Yes, you would see Jack someday. You'd learn his favorite color and animal like he had learned yours, and maybe -just maybe- you would let him kiss you again.
Here's the second part to my Jack FrostXReader story :D I hope that I did okay on this part, and that I captured his personality well.

These insert stories are actually really fun to write :) Maybe I'll write another one someday.

Part 1: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 4: [link]

Part 5: [link]
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