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December 18, 2012
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  You awoke feeling freezing cold the next morning. You thought for a moment that Jack had made it so, but in all reality you had just left the window open when you had crawled back inside. You stayed there for a minute under your warm covers, not willing to face the chilling air that it protected you from. Yet, you eventually had to get up and close the window or else it would simply make the room worse. Taking a deep breath, you threw off your covers. The cold blast hit you hard but you pressed onward to the source of this awful temperature. You noticed that there was a thick layer of frost covering the glass, and it only further reminded you of last night. You shook your head and shut the window tight, being sure to lock it.
 After a quick hot shower, you went downstairs into your kitchen. You were about to grab a bowl when you realized that you had forgotten to do the dishes like your mother had asked you to! You quickly turned on the sink and began to rinse away the tough food stains from yesterdays meals, hoping that your parents didn't notice when they came in last night. While you were scrubbing away, something outside the window above the sink caught your eye. It was in fact your sister's bright pink jacket. A figure you couldn't quite make out was floating above her; it must have been Jack.
 You turned your gaze back to the sink and it dawned on you that tonight was Christmas Eve. Your family (or at least you and your sister) often spent Christmas eve baking cookies and watching Christmas specials.
 Soon you finished your chore and sat down in the living room to watch TV. However, you found yourself drifting off to sleep, dreams of a boy with white hair, bright eyes and bare feet filling your head.
 The rest of the day after you woke up went on as expected. You and (Sister's name) baked some gingerbread cookies (which burned), and cut out some paper snowflakes (which looked nothing like snowflakes), and before you knew it it was nearly eleven o'clock. Before going to your own room to sleep, you checked on your sister who was sound asleep in her bed. Or at least she was pretending to be.
 Opening your door, you let out a tired sigh. You slipped off your shoes and made your way to your window to make sure it was still closed to avoid waking up in such cold again. Seeing all the frost again, you took a moment to study the delicate patterns that it made. You barely choked back a scream as two bright blue eyes suddenly appeared on the other side of the glass. Even through it you could hear Jack laugh at your reaction. You glared the boy down once again, rewarded with a sorry expression on his face. He nodded his head of snowy white hair to the lock on your window with a hint of a smile. You took a moment to debate letting him in, but you finally gave in and unhooked the lock before opening it.
 "Thanks!" He said, crawling in "It was freezing out there! I wonder who could have made it so cold?" He gave you his little half-smile.
 You gave a small smile in return "What did you want?"
 "Mmm...nothing," He said, looking around your room and curling his toes in the carpet.
 "Well...I would like to get some sleep so if you don't need anything-" You began.
 "You want me to leave?" He asked. The expression he chose to put on his face reminded you of when you told your sister you didn't want to play outside with her.
 You sighed and shook your head "I don't see why you want to stay."
 Jack took a seat on your bed and set his staff down next to him. "You're right. There isn't much...but you're here."
 You swallowed hard and fought back the redness threatening to flood over your cheeks. "Jack, you don't even know me."
 "Yes but," He said, taking your hand and pulling you down to sit next to him "How can I know you if you never let me?"
 The thought crossed your mind to tell him that you would never work. You hated the cold, and your attraction to him was oh so bittersweet. But on the other hand, you did want to let Jack in. You wanted to figure out who he was behind the myth.
 "Fine," You said, staring into his eyes. They were always so unreadable and undeniably hypnotizing to you. "You can stay."
 "Good," He said softly.
 He was leaning towards you again, letting his icy breath cascade over your face. Your heart pounded in your chest and you thought for sure you would experience his kiss again, but he seemed to change his mind and pulled back. Relief and disappointment swept over you, along with a small shiver.
 "I almost forgot," He said, reaching a hand into the pocket of his hoodie. He withdrew a small Christmas present wrapped in simple blue wrapping paper tied with a white ribbon.
 "What's that?" You asked, curious.
 "I thought I'd get you something for Christmas," He said, placing it in your hand. "Took me awhile to get, but I got it."
 "For me?" You inquired. "But I haven't done anything for you, or gotten you anything."
 "Nah," He said with a grin "I wanted to get it for you. But don't open it until Christmas."
 "Thank you, Jack," You said quietly, rolling the small gift in your hand. When you looked up you realized he was very close to you again, and you couldn't help but blush. What did he see in you?
 "Can I kiss you again?" He asked in a near whisper.
 You didn't answer, but he must has seen the confirmation in your face. His cold lips pressed up against yours and you felt a hand slide around your waist. It took you a minute to allow yourself too, but you finally kissed him back. His mouth moved slowly with yours is a gentle fashion that caused you to feel dizzy with delight. It was odd to feel so cold and so warm at the same time, yet it was absolutely thrilling. However, you eventually both broke away and you realized your hands were placed on his chest while the present lay on the bed next to you. You quickly folded them in your lap and looked at them, biting your lip. The two of you both sat in silence for a while before he broke it.
 "I uh...I have to go," He said, "Snow to fall, things to freeze."
 You nodded and said "Thank you Jack. For the present and everything."
 He grabbed his staff and made his way over to the window where he pulled it open. Before he left, he gazed at you with a subtle grin on his face.
 "Merry Christmas (Your name)."
 You sat there for a minute, pondering the events which had happened. You glanced at your digital clock which read five minutes to midnight before lying down on your bed, cupping the gift in your hand. You stared at the clock, counting down the minutes until finally the clock read midnight.
 It was Christmas.
 You slowly sat up again, leaning your back against the wall. You gingerly took the gift in your hand and untied the small ribbon with the other. You tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a small velvet box which no doubt contained a piece of jewelry. Slowly you lifted the lid to find a gorgeous silver necklace with a gleaming silver snowflake pendant. Carefully lifted the necklace with only a few fingers and placed the pendant against your hand to examine it further. The snowflake held fantastic swirls etched into it, although they were so small it was hard to tell. You then clasped it around your own neck, taking great care not to damage it. You placed the box on your bedside dresser before snuggling underneath the covers.
 "Merry Christmas Jack" You whispered.
So I actually found some time in my week to finish up part three! I know it might be a little rushed though, but I'll go through and edit it once I have some more time.

Thank you to everyone one that has been reading! It really does mean a lot to me!

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