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December 15, 2012
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   There you sat on your bed, browsing the internet with that empty look you almost always wore this time of year. It was Christmas break of course, time for cookies, lights and laughter. However, you found the break quite boring. You liked to keep yourself busy, and being snowed in nearly every year with nothing to do wasn't your idea of fun.
   Your little sister on the other hand, loved the large amounts of snow. It was always falling this time of year, but she would always come and knock on your door yelling in that high-pitched voice of hers about the weather. She claimed that a boy named Jack Frost made it snow, and even went so far as to say she'd met him before. When she tried to tell you about her "adventures" with him, you would simply tell her to grow up. Imagination was good and all, but enough is enough.
   Just as your sister left your mind to be replaced with other thoughts of the holiday season, her familiar knock came on your door.
   "(your name)! It's snowing again! That means Jack is here!" You heard her yell.
   You rolled your eyes and closed your laptop with a soft click. You stretched before opening the door to your little sister's smiling face, nearly smothered in a large orange scarf. "(sister's name), Jack Frost is not real. It's okay to be happy about snow, but it's not like some kid controls it."
   Her smile melted into a frown accompanied with those puppy-dog eyes of hers. "But it's true...I've seen him. If you come with me outside, I'm sure-"
   "I'm not going outside. People invented heaters and blankets for a reason," You interrupt. You usually weren't so rude to her, but after hearing her talk about her new friend Jack Frost, you wanted to make it stop.
   Your sister sighed and dropped her head. "Okay..." she replied, her words muffled by the scarf. She shuffled slowly back down the hall as you shut your door.
   You walked back to your bed and sprawled out on your back as the bed springs squeaked beneath you. You began to feel guilty about speaking to your sister so rudely. It's not like you never had imaginary friends before. Sighing, you got up again and pulled on the boots you had by the door. Picking up a heavy jacket and gloves, you opened your door to the hall.
   You immediately regretted your decision when you took the first step into the softly falling snow. Even through the thick fabric of your jacket, you could still feel the biting cold. Your sister's bright pink jacket caught your eye, and you called out to her.
   "(Your name)! You came to play with me!" She exclaimed, trudging over to you through the deep blanket of white. It came all the way up to her knee, and nearly made her trip.
   "Uh...yeah," you said with a small cough, although you were seriously considering going back in.
   "I wish you could see Jack," she said, her smile fading a bit "But I can't find him. Usually he comes...but he's not out here today."
   "That's okay. Who needs some boy to have fun in the snow?" You said behind your chattering teeth.
   "I do." She said, putting a small hand on her hip.
   "Okay. Well. Can you at least have fun with me?" You asked, half hoping she'd say no.
   "Well...I guess so. Want to play hide and go seek?" She asked, the light coming back into her eyes.
   "Sure. I'll go hide first I guess," You said. She always liked to go first, no matter what game was played.
   She nodded with a bright smile and crouched down in the snow. You thought she'd go count behind a tree or something, but that worked too.
    You scanned the area around you while your sister continued counting. There were several trees to hide behind, so you just picked the biggest one you saw at the moment. You doubted you'd be able to blend in with all the white dressed in your black jacket, but you didn't feel like seeking out a better place. Finally making it to the tree, you put your back to it and tried to make yourself as small as possible while you shivered away. You could no longer hear your sister's voice,and you began to notice how quiet it was.
   "(Sister's name)?"
   The voice sliced so suddenly through the silence that you nearly jumped out of your boots. It had definitely been a male voice, but you didn't recognize it at all.
   "(Sister's name)?" The voice called out again, closer this time.
   You covered your mouth with a gloved hand to avoid your breathing to be heard. You didn't know who was there, but you didn't want them finding you or your sister.
   Your sister. He's been calling her name.
   Thoughts of your sister being shoved into a bag and kidnapped by a stranger began to fill your head. Out of sheer need to protect her, you summed up enough courage to call out to the voice. "Who are you?"
   "The question is, who are you?" The voice came, this time above your head.
   You quickly bent down and picked up the first stick your fingers found. Gripping it tightly and holding it above your head, you stepped away from the tree. Finally your eyes met two crystal blue ones peering out of the snow covered branches. "Stay away from me, whoever you are!" You said, trying to make yourself sound assertive.
   You narrowed your eyes, taking in the figure's appearance. He was lounging in the tree as if he had not a care in the world, and his facial expression matched it. His head was topped with hair as white as the snow, and he wore a blue hoodie laced with what appeared to be frost. His legs were covered in a pair of brown pants that appeared to be made of light material, and quite tattered and torn at the bottom. An odd stick that reminded you of a Shepard's crook was clutched in his hand. You also thought it quite odd that he had no socks or shoes on his feet despite the biting cold weather. Had he not been calling your sister's name like a creeper, you might have even thought he was a tiny bit attractive.
   "My, my, violent aren't we?" He chuckled.
   "I can be if I want to!" You shouted. It sounded a lot more threatening in your head.
   He chuckled again, not in the least bit intimidated. "I see."
   Your little conversation soon was interrupted by your younger sister's yelling.
   "(Your name)!" She called, not too far off.
   You locked eyes with the boy as you both heard her voice. You gave him your best glare, daring him to touch her.
   Your little sister finally appeared from behind a tree a small distance away. Seeing you, she ran forward through the snow. "(Your name)!"
   You tore your eyes away from the ice blue ones in the tree to see your sister staring at him. Her smile grew wider and she let out a small giggle.
   "(Your name), you found him. You found Jack."
So...I've been kind of obsessed with Jack Frost and after reading some other Jack FrostXReader stories, I thought I'd try my hand at one :)

This is just part one. I thought I'd split it into two parts as not to make it too long.

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 4: [link]

Part 5: [link]
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