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December 22, 2012
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 As Christmas break passed, you only saw Jack every once and a while. Occasionally he'd come visit you in your room and you'd simply just enjoy the company of each other. He understood that you really didn't want to go outside, although he often tried to convince you to see the beautiful winter scenes he'd created; Which you'd just look at through your window. He still played with your sister outside, and you sometimes secretly viewed their snowball fights. Jack seemed to genuinely like making your sister happy, which was your favorite trait about him. As you got to know him better, you also found several other things you loved about him. You loved his half smile, his blue eyes, the way he always had his hands in his pockets, the taste of his kiss, and his sarcastic tone that reminded you of your own. It was all these little things and more that made you realize that you had fallen in love with the boy.
 Soon Christmas break was gone, and you found yourself preparing your backpack for the day of school that tomorrow would bring. You were already dressed in your pajamas with your teeth brushed and ready for bed, but you still had to prepare for tomorrow. As you were shoving your science notebook inside your bag, you felt an icy breeze chill your body. You didn't bother turning around; You already knew who it would be. Your assumptions were correct as you felt a cold body crouch down on the floor next to yours.
 "What are you doing?" Jack asked.
 "I have school tomorrow," You responded with a sigh "Break's over."
 "You know," he responded "All you have to do is ask for a snow day. I know someone that's pretty good at making those happen."
 You laughed as you zipped up the bag "I have a life at school you know. I can't stay in my room forever." As you saw the sad look on his face you added "It's not like I'll ignore you, Jack."
 He looked confused for a moment, as if he was searching for something to say. "Do you want to go somewhere with me?" He asked after a moment.
 "I have to get up early tomorrow," You said "I can't fall asleep the first day-"
 "I promise you'll be back before ten," he said, glancing at your clock that told it was already nine.
 You considered his offer for a moment, but finally gave in out of curiosity. "Okay, fine."
 He nodded with a smile "Okay, but grab a coat or something.
 You grabbed a thick coat from your closet and put it on along with your boots while Jack waited anxiously.
 "Ready," You announced.
 "Good," He said. He then took your hand in his own, and lead you to the window. He slipped out of it onto the porch roof and helped you get out as well. It was quite a cold night, complete with the chilling wind, and you wondered what would be worth having to go outside in this weather. Jack leaned over and closed the window before scooping you up in his arms.
 "Jack, I really hate flying!" You said.
 "You'll be fine! Trust me," He responded, rising into the air. "Hold on tight!"
 You locked your arms around his neck and buried your head into his jacket as you felt yourself moving through the crisp winter air. The wind howled in your ears, and Jack's hoodie wasn't doing a very good job of keeping you warm since he had practically no body heat. Finally, you felt him land on solid ground.
 "You okay there?" He asked.
 You moved your face away from his jacket with chattering teeth. "Not really."
 "Well," He said "Look around."
 You allowed your eyes to take in your surroundings. You seemed to be in a tree house with roof or walls, just a wooden floor with the occasional patch of snow.
 "Here," He said setting you down on your feet. You were quite confused about why he had brought you here, and you found yourself searching for something special.
 "Why...?" You asked trailing off.
 "You'll see," He said, sitting on the edge of the wood planks. He reached up and took your hand, guiding you slowly to sit next to him. "Look up there at the sky."
 As you gazed upwards you realized what was so special. The view from the tree was absolutely fantastic. The dark sky held millions of bright stars that twinkled in the winter air. The moon was full and cast it's silver rays down on the white snow beneath you, causing it to sparkle and gleam.
 "Wow," You said "It's so beautiful."
 Jack nodded beside you "See? Winter isn't so bad."
 "Just...cold," You said.
 "You know, (Your name), all I can do is keep you cold," He responded.
 "Jack..." You said, looking into his eyes, searching for words.
 "You know...maybe that's why I like you," He said.
 "What do you mean?" You asked.
 "Because all I've ever been is cold, but when I saw you I felt..." He trailed off and looked away from you.
 "Warm," You both said at the same time, and he looked at you again with surprise.
 "You make me feel the same way, Jack," You admitted, and for the first time, you were able to see a blush rise in his cheeks.
 This time, you were the one to go in for the kiss first. His lips froze you to the bone, but you'd come to love the chilling taste. You broke away quickly, but before you had time to breathe in much air, Jack pressed his mouth against yours again. His kiss was more rough then it usually was, but he was still gentle with you. Your heart hammered as his hands trailed down your arms and then around your waist, causing you to shiver. You wrapped your arms around his neck and let one of your hands entangle it's fingers in his soft, white hair. As you felt his icy tongue enter your mouth, you let out a small sound of surprise, but you allowed it. The world around you seemed to melt as you basked in the unusual feeling of being extremely cold and warm at the same time. Clouds crowded around in your head and for a moment you honestly could care less about getting home before ten.
 Jack was the one to break away, and you opened your eyes to find you were wrapped around him, floating a few feet above the tree house.
 "Sorry," he said as you drifted back down to the floor.
 "That's fine," You said quietly. You suddenly realized how incredibly cold in was how here in the crisp winter air, and your teeth began to chatter again.
 "You're still wearing it." Jack said, lifting the snowflake necklace by it's chain. He fingered the charm for a moment with a smile on his face.
 "Of c-course I am," You replied.
 "Cold?," He asked with a laugh, dropping the necklace to fall against you.
 "A bit," You responded.
 "Well, I guess we better go. After all, you have school tomorrow," He said in a mocking yet joking tone.
 Soon you were flying again, safe in Jack's arms. When you reached your house again, he helped you through the window. He crawled in after you and gazed at the clock as you removed your jacket. You didn't mind Jack being in here a bit longer, since you had already been in your pajamas before you left and didn't have to shove him out so you could get dressed.
 "Dang it. Ten minutes late," He said.
 "And It's going to be later if you don't let me sleep," You responded with a small smile.
 "Okay, okay," He said in that joking tone of his. He scooped you up in his arms again and set you down on your bed. He pulled the covers over you gently and kissed your nose. "I'll let you get to sleeping then."
 You couldn't help but grin. "'Night, Jack"
 "Sweet dreams," He replied, easing open the window.
 Even after he was gone, you could still feel his presence. You had a feeling you wouldn't get very much sleep that night as your mind continued to play various memories of Jack. You hoped that the school year wouldn't interfere with the time you got to spend with him, and you silently vowed to not forget about him. You might stop believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or even the Sandman, but you would NEVER stop believing in Jack Frost. And you hoped that he would never stop believing in you.
Okay so I know I said that this would be the last one, but I might just have to write another one because this turned out longer the expected ;-;

Anyways, I hope that you like it.

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 5: [link]
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