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   You had nearly forgotten what it was like to live a normal life. For the past two weeks, your life had been swirled in to a wonderful fairy tale. However, after the first week of school you realized that there were other things in life to worry about. You had school work to do, chores to be done, and your friends always called. You found yourself once again caught up in your life you'd been living before you met Jack.
   He seemed to sense this as well. His visits that once occurred nightly became more and more spaced out. But when he did come, you would have short bursts of love for him that would slowly drift away until he returned to make your head spin again.
   And so there you lay on your bed in the dark, pondering about your relationship with the winter spirit. It had been a snowy February which told you that tonight he would visit you, even though you hadn't seen him in nearly two weeks. There always seemed to be a spike in the winter weather when he came to see you. Even inside your room it was freezing.
   Just as you predicted, the window squeaked open and then clicked shut. As if he could read your thoughts, your thoughts, you heard his voice say "Thinking about me?"
   You didn't bother opening your eyes. You could picture him crouching there at the post by the foot of your bed, staff in hand.  "Mhm. How could you tell?"
   "Because you were smiling," he responded.
   Suddenly you felt his cold body lay beside yours. You rolled on to your side and opened your eyes to find his crystal blue ones staring back. Eyes filled with fun and wonder that seemed to glow in the darkness that enveloped you both. But there was something else...a certain sadness maybe?  
   "Jack, is everything okay?" You asked.
   "You tell me," he responded, placing his hand on your cheek and ran his cold thumb along your skin.
   As if his prompting opened your mind, you realized that there was something wrong. Something that you sensed both of you knew. "I just...I love you Jack. That's what's wrong."
   The hurt in his face was apparent as soon as the words came out of your mouth and he drew his hand back.
   "No! I didn't mean it like that," you said "I mean..." You drifted off, not knowing how to explain yourself.
   "That you don't believe anymore," Jack said with obvious pain "In me."
   "It's not that I don't believe in you, Jack," You said, finding his hand and holding it in your own "I just don't think we can go on like this. You...You're at least a hundred years older than me, and you control winter. And-and it's not like we can be married or anything. I far can we go before we just have to stop Jack? Every fairy tale has an ending, and I feel like I'm living one. It's're wonderful, but I have my future to think about."
   That did it.
   Jack rolled off your bed to stand on the floor, facing away from you. His hands were clenched tight, as if he was holding back from doing or saying something. You stood up behind him and gently held your hand over his that was holding the staff. Slowly you circle around, keeping your hand on his until you were facing him. You thought for a second you saw the shimmer of a tear, but it must have just been the light from outside playing tricks on you.
   "I hope your future's great then," He said after a few moments of silence.
   He wrapped his arms around you and leaned forward for one last kiss. You met his lips with your own, but it didn't give you the thrill it usually did. You didn't feel the odd mix of hot and cold, you just felt empty and numb. However, you knew this was Jack's way of letting you go, of telling you that he understood. When he broke away, it nearly felt like he took a part of you with him. He hugged you tight once more before walking over to the window and pulling it open. He turned to you one last time and gave you one last half smile.
   "Good bye, (your name)"
   Ten years later, you found yourself looking out the window of your kitchen. A beautiful blanket of snow had fallen over the town, much to the pleasure of your little daughter. You watched her play in the yard in a bright pink jacket much like the one your little sister used to have. In fact, you had bought it as soon as you saw it for that exact reason. You noticed that she was coming inside and went to get her a towel so that she wouldn't track water on the floor. The door opened and you heard her familiar voice.
   "Mommy! Mommy! Guess what!"
   You hurried in with the towel placing it on the hardwood floor in front of her "Honey, take of your shoes before-"
   "Mommy listen! I met a new friend!" She said, interrupting you.
   You placed a hand on your hip and smiled while she took off her little purple rain boots. "And who is that?"
   "Jack Frost, Mommy!" She said.
   Your blood ran cold and your heart nearly stopped as a thousand memories flashed by. "Um...did you say Jack Frost?"
   "Mhm! We had a snowball fight!" She said. Once in her socks, she ran to the kitchen to find the hot chocolate you left out for her on the counter.
   You stood there with your mouth opened, shocked beyond words. Ten years wasn't it? You hasn't seen him in that long. With a rapidly beating heart you ran up to your bedroom and to your closet that you shared with your husband. You sorted through ties and button-up shirts until you found your jacket and boots which you slipped on. You practically ran down the stairs and out your front door in to the white canvas the snow had turned your yard in to.
   "Jack!" You called out, hoping he'd recognize your voice from all these years. He had to be here somewhere. "Jack Frost!"
   You turned around to search the back yard when you saw him, sitting a tree near to the side of your home. You trudged through the heavy snow, eyes trained on him in case he decided to disappear when you looked away. When you reached the foot of the tree you realized he was staring at you as well.
   "Jack, it's me." You said. He looked exactly how he used to; Snow white hair, pale skin, and bright eyes. He even had on the same blue hoodie. The way he lounged in the tree reminded you of when you first met that cloudy day so many years ago.
   "(y-your name)? I-Is that you?" He asked, floating down from his perch. "You're so..."
   "Old? Yes I know but I'm still me and...It's really you Jack!" You exclaimed. Suddenly you felt as young as you used to and you ran forward to hug him. He hugged you back with a laugh, no doubt remembering the same things you were. When you pulled back to face him again your eyes met and it was like you were back in time.
   "I knew that little girl looked familiar," He said with his mischievous smile. "So I guess it was good."
   "What was good?" You asked, confused.
   "That we said good bye. That you decided to work for your future," He said with a hint of sadness.
   "Yes. I love my life was good," You said "But I didn't think that that was the last time I'd see you."
   "I did it for your own good. After all, who can resist me?" He said grinning again.
   You let out a laugh "Not many."
   "So you're married?" He asked.
   "Yes. Happily," You responded with a smile. "And I have little (daughter's name) too."
   As if she was listening, you heard her call out from the front door.
   "Mommy!" Came her distant cry.
   Jack laughed. "Sounds like she needs you."
   "Yes...I guess it's good bye again, Jack," You said, taking a step back. "But I want you to know something."
   "Yeah? What's that?" He asked, slinging his staff over his shoulder.
   "I never stopped believing in you." You said with a small smile.
   "And I never forgot you," He said.
   Again your daughter's voice called out from the house, reminding you that you had to return to reality once again. "Good bye, Jack Frost."
   He gave you one last winning grin and a quick wave before rising up in the air. As you began to walk away you heard his voice from high in the sky.
   "Wind! Take me home!"
SO I was going to separate the last part from the first and make them separate, but they ended up being short enough to combine in to one.

This is the final part. I hope you like the ending well enough...I know it might be kind of sad, but I like how it turned out.

Part 1: [link]

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Part 4: [link]
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"Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again."
~Bill Morgan, Jr.

fuck it all the feels
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XD I seem to always make that error when I write about this guy.
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