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January 5, 2013
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(This is an even that could have been one of the event that takes place during my first Jack FrostXReader fanfiction, but it can also be independent.)

   You sat in bed, blowing your nose into a tissue. After you were done with it, you tossed it into the trash can that was sitting by your bedside. Groaning, you scooted back down under the covers and closed your eyes. Not that it helped though; Your head still pounded with aching pain.
   It was the third day of school after Christmas break. You still couldn't believe that you'd caught the bug that was going around, and it was even harder to believe it happened on your first week back at school! You had so much work to catch up on...

   Suddenly you heard the familiar sound of your window opening then closing. This sound always told you that Jack Frost had entered your room--something that he did quite often after you had established quite a friendly relationship with the boy. You felt your room grow colder and you felt like telling him to go away.

   "Woa. What happened to you?" You heard his voice say. It was deep but soft and you'd learned to love the sound of it.

   "Got sick," You replied, followed by a cough.

   "You look aw-" He paused as he saw you glare at him while reaching for a tissue. "aw-awesome. Yep, nothing cuter then a girl blowing her brains out into a tissue."

   You stopped blowing your nose just as he said that and you sent him an irritated stare. "Do you want something Jack?"

   "Well I can't very well leave you to suffer can I?" He said, crouching at the foot of your bed on the bed post.

   "I have a cold. I'm pretty sure more cold won't fix it," You said rolling onto your side to lay back down.

   "What, you don't believe in me?" Jack asked in a broken voice.

   You hated it when he made you feel guilty.

   "Okay fine, Dr. Frost. Try and make me better," You said with a sigh.

   Jack laughed at the little title you made up for him and jumped down on to the floor. He looked around and his face lit up when he saw the pile of extra blankets you kept folded neatly in the corner of your room. He scooped about three of them in his arms, walked over to your bed, and began to unfold them before laying them over you.

   "There you go. Extra toasty," he said grinning as he put the last one over your body.

   You on the other hand were not so happy being a human cocoon of blankets. However, you didn't say anything simply because he looked proud of what he had done.

   He looked around the room again, easily spotting the bottle of red liquid that rested on your dresser along with a spoon. He walked over to your dresser and picked up the medicine, rolling it in his hands as he examined it.

   "Is this your cold medicine?" He asked.

   "Of course. Actually, I need to take it right now. I need to take two spoons every six hours so-"

   "Say no more!" He said cutting you off as he pored some of the cherry flavored liquid into the spoon. He spilled a little, but he either didn't notice or didn't care. He walked over to your bed then jerked his head. "Sit up."

   You would much rather feed yourself, but Jack looked like he was having fun being Dr. Frost for a day. With a sigh you obeyed him and sat up.

   "Now open," He said.

   You opened your mouth and let him pop the spoon in. After you drank that spoonful, he just sat there looking at you with those bright eyes of his, studying you. When he noticed that you were staring at him too he shook his head and smiled.

   "Sorry," He said, pouring the second spoon. He didn't spill this time.

   After the syrup was in your mouth, he slid the spoon out then screwed the lid back on the bottle. He placed them on the dresser, then came back to sit at the foot of your bed again.

   You closed your eyes, thinking he would let himself out. But when his cold presence didn't leave, you popped one eye open to see him staring at you again, this time leaning in closer to you.

   "You okay, Jack?" You asked, opening both your eyes.

   "I was just thinking...I haven't had a cold in a very long time," He said, inching ever closer.

   You were about to tell him how lucky he was when his mouth covered yours. His kiss held you captive in a prison of emotions, heat, and freezing cold. You were tempted to push him away, to tell him that he'd get sick too. But...could Jack even get sick? Probably not.

   You submitted yourself to Jack, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him back. It didn't help that the medicine was labeled "drowsy" and you felt your senses being dulled. You slid your hand up his neck and entangled your fingers in his soft white hair, causing him to shiver. How about that? A winter sprite shivering at your touch. You felt his body move from his sitting position to lay down next to you on top of the quilts, breaking the contact between your lips for only a second. He slid a hand under the blankets to find your waist to pull you closer.

   After kissing him for a while, you found that you felt very sleepy. You broke away, eyes half closed from drowsiness. Jack smiled at you and you slid your hand out of his hair which you realized you had made even more spiky and ruffled then usual. You yawned and sniffled while he took his hand from your waist and began to run his fingers through your hair singing a quiet smooth song to you.

   Just before you fell asleep, you heard him sing a sweet verse of his song.

   "Now that you've found me
   I've stumbled through fire
   Now that you've touched me
   I've bloomed like a flower

   Now that you're with me
   I no longer cower in silence, hiding
   I'm fighting for you

   I'm fighting for you"
Some more Jack frost fluff for you guys! After writing my last fluff and having people think it was funny that I called him Dr. Frost, I decided to write a fanfic for that name :')

I write to much about this guy //dies//

The song that Jack sings at the end is from a video game called "Ib" All credit for the music goes to the makers of that game. All credit for the lyrics goes to the user who posted the video. Which you can fin the song here: [link]

(No, I have no idea how Jack learned the song. He has his ways hehe)
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Cheesy's my specialty ;) haha
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