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January 26, 2013
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I'm so tired of crying,
I'm so tired of loving,
I'm so tired of dying
inside my soul each day.

I'm so tired of hoping,
I'm so tired of dreaming,
I'm so tired of imagining.
It will never be real anyway.

I'm so tired of falling,
I'm so tired of failing,
I'm so tired of walking
when love is so far away.

I'm so tired of wishing,
I'm so tired of searching,
I'm so tired of remembering
those beautiful things you used to say.

I'm so tired of bleeding,
I'm so tired of yearning,
I'm so tired of living
in a world that's grey.

But most of all I'm tired,
of being the person I am,
I'm tired of my mistakes,
I'm tired of my broken heart.

I'm just so tired of being me.
I had my heart broken again...but this time it was my fault.
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CandyHeartSweetness Feb 26, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm tired of being a fake.
I know how that feels....I often find myself doing things I don't really want to just to be near a certain someone or acting different to make others like me...I'm trying really hard to just be me.
CandyHeartSweetness Feb 27, 2013  Student General Artist
I do the same things. You know, there's a whole community of people who claim to be alone, when we all have a lot of the same problems. It's nice to know that there's someone out there going through something similar to me. Thanks I needed that. :aww: :hug:
You're welcome C:
Ze-Awesome-Prussian Feb 24, 2013
:hug: I really like this poem
Ze-Awesome-Prussian Feb 24, 2013
you're welcome :)
Tintinytdj Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're blaming yourself for blaming yourself for doing stuff you do,
and yet you show no incentive to move on/improve.
I don't see acceptance either, just weak passive aggressiveness.

What's the point of this? I'm almost interested.
Actually I write poetry about things I'm going through simply so I can move on. It helps to just get out all the dark things so that tomorrow can be a brighter day. I write to vent.

I wrote this a while ago, and I am nearly over that rough patch in my life,and yes at that point I was weak. However, I feel better now.
Come here sis... you need a sisterly hug!!! *Must learn how to put the hug icon on...*

I feel like this to... everyday... very old broken heart I have, but the way to bandge it up is by haning out with loyal friends... they always know how to make you laugh...

If ... your happy and you know it do the jig!!!
If your happy and you know it do the jig
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